Lawyers Democracy Fund Changes Name 

Lawyers Democracy Fund Is Now 

Center for Election Confidence

(Arlington, Va.) – Lawyers Democracy Fund is pleased to announce that it is the Center for Election Confidence (CEC) effective immediately. As part of the name change, CEC has released a new logo and launched a new website at

CEC President Elliot Berke said, “As we head into this presidential election year, protecting the integrity of our electoral process is essential. Our new name, the Center for Election Confidence, better defines who we are and what we do. Our mission is to promote trust in our election system by advocating for ethics, integrity, and legal professionalism in the electoral process.” 

Center for Election Confidence was founded as Lawyers Democracy Fund in 2007. It primarily conducts, funds, and publishes research and in-depth analysis regarding the effectiveness of current and proposed election methods, particularly those lacking adequate coverage in the national media.

CEC periodically engages in public-interest litigation where appropriate to uphold the rule of law and integrity in elections. It also submits briefs as amicus curiae in important election cases to provide a pro-integrity perspective.

Center for Election Confidence looks forward to continuing the important work begun by Lawyers Democracy Fund.  More information can be found by following it @VoterConfidence on

CEC Executive Director Lisa Dixon said, “As a nation, we can have no higher priority than ensuring the integrity of our elections. At the Center for Election Confidence, we will fight for the fundamental right of every American to have confidence that their vote counts.”

Center for Election Confidence is a non-profit organization with a long history of advancing the role of ethics, integrity, and legal professionalism in the electoral process, including safeguarding the right of eligible voters to vote. For more information, please visit