League of Women Voters v. Schwab Amicus Brief

CEC Files Brief at Kansas Supreme Court in Support of Common Sense Election Laws

In September 2023, Center for Election Confidence (then known as Lawyers Democracy Fund) filed an amicus brief in League of Women Voters of Kansas v. Schwab which is currently before the Kansas Supreme Court. The brief argues in support of Kansas’ signature verification and ballot collection regulations.

CEC’s brief makes the following points:

  1. The Court should consider other states’ election practices when evaluating claims that the election regulations here deny Kansans’ right to vote.
  2. Kansas’ signature verification and ballot collection regulations are entirely consistent with other states’ laws.
  3. Subjecting all election restrictions to strict scrutiny unreasonably impairs Kansas’ interest in structuring a fair and efficient election process.

A ruling by the Kansas Supreme Court upholding the laws would “preserve the State’s power to structure the electoral process to ensure the efficiency, integrity, and reliability of its elections.”

Read CEC’s brief in its entirety here!