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Ranked-Choice Voting: ‘an unmitigated and un-American disaster’

The Center for Election Confidence joins broad coaltion of election integrity advocates to support Georgia bill bannning Ranked-Choice Voting (Arlington, Va.) The Center for Election Confidence, along with 15 other election integrity advocacy groups, sent a letter to Chairman Max Burns of the Georgia Senate Committee on Ethics in support of SB 355, a bill […]

Ranked-Choice Voting Hurts Minorities: Study

Study Indicates that Ranked-Choice Voting Weakens Electoral Influence of Minority Voters   (Arlington, Va.) – The Center for Election Confidence (CEC) announced today the release of research by Professor Nolan McCarty, with support from CEC, documenting harmful effects of ranked-choice voting (RCV) for racial and ethnic minority electorates. The study by Dr. McCarty, the Susan […]